ICOM-CC International Council of Museums – Conservation Commitee is the largest of the International Committees of ICOM, with 2 600 members, and aims to promote the conservation of culturally and historically significant works and to further the goals of the conservation profession.


The Leather and Related Materials Working Group is one of the 22 Working Groups in ICOM-CC and aims to promote the diffusion and sharing of knowledge for the conservation of skin-based objects (tanned, tawed or untanned animal skins). This group gathers professional in skin-based conservation (conservators, curators, historians, scientists...) from around 30 countries.

For more than 30 years, this group has organised regular conferences named "interim meeting" offering the opportunity to the members, but also to all professionals interested in the specialty, to meet, exchange and share their work relating to the conservation of skin-based materials. In the past, these meetings  have taken place in different countries in Europe, in Amsterdam (1986, 1995), Offenbach (1989 & 2012), London (1992), Brussels (1998), Vic (2000), Athens (2004), Krakow (2007), Rome (2010).

In 2019, Paris will welcome for the first time the next interim meeting of the "Leather and Related Materials Working Group" and we are delighted !





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